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Soothing Nerves – Busting Stress

In the previous Issue we had highlighted that the current crises, with no end at sight, is taking toll on many of us. Individuals who are not so resilient mentally are breaking-down due to too much negativity surrounding the pandemic. If it be so, then what could be the remedial measure(s)?

There are two approaches which complement one another. First, engaging in physical activities, consuming healthy food, refraining from intoxicants and reading wholesome books. Such activities are indeed good for our physical and psychological well-being but these are external to us. So, what is the other approach which complements the above? The answer lies in one the rich sources of Indian culture – Yogavashistha. It offers an insight on the internal approach to mental well-being.

The young prince Ram, a teenager then, was residing in the gurugriha of Sage Vashistha. The Sage was grooming Ram as the future king of Ayodhya. In one of the classes the great Sage was expounding the nature of mind. The young prince was unable to understand. It is then that Vashistha explained its nature with the help of an analogy. He said that mind is like a monkey (habitual restlessness) which is drunk (endless desire) then stung by a scorpion (envy) and finally, a demon (egotism) has entered into it. He concluded by saying that if such is the nature of mind then how difficult it must be to control it. Now, fast-forward to 2020. Anxiety and fear about future are overpowering us. Our thoughts are making us restless. Therefore, it is important for us know if we can integrate in our 24-hour cycle (like a few mentioned in the previous paragraph) a practice that will help us to soothe our nerves. The answer lies in the Quality Mind Process (QMP) whose inspiration is drawn from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and Patanjali’sYogasutras.

The steps are:

  1. Deep, mindful and slow alternate nostril breathing

  2. Normal mindful breathing

  3. Brain-Stilling (thoughtlessness in the head)

  4. Opening up upwards above the head to the Cosmic and

  5. Bringing down the awareness from the top of the head into the cave of the heart and concentrate

When practised regularly for atleast 20 min, in empty stomach, in the morning and in the evening the following mental benefits are derived:

  1. Gradual strengthening of will-power

  2. Development of penetrating insight

  3. Feeling of deep inner serenity and poise beneath the surface turbulence

  4. Greater courage and capacity for introspection

It calls for perseverance & patient tenacity and only then stress can be busted. QMP has after all withstood the scrutiny of time & modern science accepts it as well. Porosh has in-house expert to teach QMP for augmenting mental health.


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