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Walking the talk

In one of our recent blogs while highlighting some of the key elements concerning how organizations like ours should approach serving the members (senior citizens)it was mentioned we ‘promise less, deliver more’. It obvious that receiving a thing, or two beyond the signed ‘Terms & Conditions’ always carries with it an element of surprise. It adds to the ‘wow’ factor.

This apart, in the website we had mentioned under the section ‘Why Porosh?’ about our ‘commitment to utilizing a portion of earnings for societal well-being’. We realized the need to walk the talk has arrived with Durga Puja being round the corner. What else could be a more appropriate gesture than giving back some thing to the members who are enrolled with us for more than six months?

The planning started a month in advance. Our team members observed the preferences of clothes worn by our members which included colour, design and brand. Once we got a sense of it - sarees, kurtas etc. were purchased. For the sake of not losing personal connect it was decided that the gifts should be handed over in person instead of couriering. What turned-out subsequently is indeed memorable and gratifying.

Receiving surprise puja gifts from Porosh overwhelmed them. While some greeted us with smile, a few had tears rolling-down in joy. We were showered with blessings. It was indeed a heart-touching experience for us.It was payback time for Porosh. Actually such experiences provide us with necessary fodder to keep on experimenting with innovative ideas.


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