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When The Elderly Are The Target


The recent spate of heinous crimes committed against the senior citizens of the city of Kolkata has set alarm bells ringing across different quarters. As conscientious member of society Porosh too felt the urge to address the growing menace in a proactive manner by providing 24*7 security support to the elderly citizens from remote location.

A Typical Situation

Very recently, in our locality an elderly person (let us say, Mr. Das) and her daughter were robbed off several lakhs of rupees in cash in broad daylight. Although there was a brief scuffle with the intruders yet the father daughter duo was overpowered. Their hands and legs were tied-up with one of the robbers standing in front of them with a revolver. Once they got hold of the bounty the assailants scampered in their bikes. Yet to recover from the shock by the timeMr. Das raised an alarm but it was too late.

In due course police arrived and investigation started. It was not a complicated case for them to resolve and the guilty were apprehended in a week’s time.

Our Learnings

It is a different story that after the incident Mr. Das installed CCTV to fortify the security of his residence. But this begs a fundamental question. Should we necessarily await a mishap to befall us before realizing the necessity of taking proactive measures for our own safety? In most of the cases it seems to be so.

Generally there is a sense of blissful ignorance. We tend to believe that such incidents will never happen to us. Only when we are at the receiving end that the realization of securing ourselves arises.

Porosh’s experience over the years suggest that CCTv acts as a deterrent even if no one in particular keeps a vigilant eye on the screen round-the-clock.

With 24*7 surveillance there is no assurance of crimes not being committed against the hapless and unguarded. Is it not commonplace,as we get to know through social media, how often CCTV installed at different locations of a house enable pinning down miscreants?

However, it is not uncommon that the CCTV are destroyed, or wires are disconnected to prevent the perpetrators of crimes getting detected. As a result, it becomes indeed difficult to bring to task the wrongdoers.


In the light of above, Porosh has the ability to install intruder alarm control system with panic button facility along with 24*7 surveillance from remote location.


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